Taking Notes

I have started a new phase of dating advice. It was all started by the use of the word “maybe”.

Girl: Would you like to do something tonight?

Boy: Maybe

Maybe is a word for those who are undecided. The definition states “perhaps,possibly”. But for dating, the word maybe can mean:

  • I have something more important to do.
  • I’m waiting to see if someone else wants to do something.
  • You are not worth the drive, effort, money, etc.
  • I’m trying to figure out how to say no so I will buy some time and say maybe.
  • I don’t have the balls to break up with you.

Or to put it plain and simple:

  • Laziness and selfishness are a disease and masterbation is not the cure but easier than being vulnerable and putting forth effort.

The advice I give women for a maybe is:


Women have a creative, nurturing nature. Also, an ability to fill the day with a multitude of tasks. And if that women is working full time, raising kids, attending their activities, Click-listing her groceries and maintaining herself with hair, nails and waxing; she can still find four to six hours to “spend time” with her significant other without batting an eye. But take note ladies! When he or she throws out that first “maybe”, it likely will not be his or her last.

Don’t fuss about the maybe, but don’t forget about the maybe. Take notes!


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