Let’s Go Down a Rabbit Hole of Gilmore Girls and Review a Few Posts Too

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I’d like to state that I recently celebrated a birthday, insignificant, but everyone keeps wishing my “Happy 21st”, so yes…let’s go with that.

With a recent birthday and the acknowledgement of the posts on social media this morning, I have another one that I prepped for marriage, (catch up by reading Failure to Launch Phenomenon). To be completely honest, I am happy for this couple as I have been for the others. They are happy and I wish them the best. To write a blog about dating and be vulnerable enough to share these stories, I have to respect the outcomes of my mismanaged, and dating disappointments. There is a lot of happiness out there and I can own my current situation stating that all of this is a part of a plan. Maybe part of this plan is for me to continue to share the stories. With you the reader and I both learning from them.

I have explored back to another notion as well…dating younger. The majority of this exploration has been refreshing as it was before. (Again, please review this previous post To Boldly Go…Younger.) Honesty, no games except for the ones I create in my head. I can’t make excuses. If you have been keeping up…yeah I’m cynical, and untrusting at this point. I avoid the comfort a nice dating relationship can bring because I remain in a constant nervous wreck of the bullshit I have been through.

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But the question still remains…how young is too young? At my calculations…I am currently a good deal older than “Jones”. I haven’t been able to tell any differences, surprisingly. He likes old country. When some of these songs came out, I was in middle school and he was an infant, but how nice?  Let’s just put it this way, our age difference is the same age as one of my little ladies.  I am dealing well with it.  The relationship with Jones is still in development, Let’s keep going. This is fun.

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Still, my most reviewed post and revisted post remains Break Up Via Selfie…Again? And I would like to note the significance of that while Derek remained single for a while…he is back to together with 2nd ex wife…again. I’ve lost count, but this may be the 4th or 5th time. Proudly, to get to this point, we only attempted to make plans…we never dated prior to his latest reunion. I still wonder why this one has so much draw to it. You really have to dig on the blog page to find it, but you can still google this blog or Sally H. Brown, and this entry always appears first. I noticed it being read recently and thought, keep reading whoever you are.


Now, if we are going to review, let’s review the one that’s still hanging uncomfortably out there.: A Love I Can’t Carry Anymore       

Another popular choice of my readers, and the one I review most of all. Why? because I still haven’t faced it. The friendship has remained solid, but my honest friend in An Interview…An Intervention…a Convo with “Dated to Death” revealed, he knows…HE HAS KNOWN. So, let’s review. Friendship, solid and strong. He knows, I know he knows. The revelation-if he knows and I know he knows, then we both need to remain friends, right? I’m not discussing it and neither is he. Oh…denial, such a lovely place!

Image result for Gilmore Girls MemeAm I staying in denial? No. Am I staying home tonight to sufficiently acknowledge the blessing of another year older? No.  While that sounds like a reasonable, and likely smart idea…I’m heading out. My friends will surround me again to celebrate another amazing year to be Sally. I appreciate you all so very much. I said recently, “this will be the year of Sally!” But as I have reviewed these previous post and look out on the future…every year is the year of Sally and my lovely little ladies! And the future years will continue to be our years! Thank you for being with me on this journey.

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