The Peter Pan Experience

That’s where I was last night when my phone rang at 12:48 am. Was I dreaming? Why is he calling me? What on earth? 

“I’m coming out there?”


“She and I just got in a huge fight and if we weren’t broken up before, we are now!”

“Wait…you told me you moved out!”

“Can I come out there? I just need somewhere to sleep. I gotta pick up my daughter at 6.”

“Fine, whatever!”

I get up, brush my teeth. Consider taking off the granny flannels, but decide to leave them on. I head to the kitchen and wait. 

He arrived and in a state.  

 “So, when I break up with her, do you want to date or what?”

This guy has lied, basically cheated, and manipulated me and most importantly wasted my time! 

“Look”, I said. “I can’t even get you to meet and talk to me. I don’t know what to do with you.” 

I feel like it’s a ultimatum. 

“You know me.” He says. “It’s not like we have to go through all that stuff.”

I tell him to hush and get some sleep. I didn’t even bother to ask what the latest fight was about. I’ve heard these stories for months now.  I guess he wanted some more attention…

With in 45 mins, he woke me up to tell me he was going to his mother’s! Are you fucking kidding me? Sleep vs. a 30 minute drive to his mother’s. 

“You do what ya gotta do.” I say. “Lock the door on your way out and call me when you get there.” 

I have received several apology texts this morning…well good for you “Peter”. My name is Sally, not Wendy! I shut and locked my window a long time ago.  “Peter” has been trying to #gethisshittogether for a long time. All the Wendy’s eventually grow up. Maybe it’s time “Peter” does too.