An Interview…An Intervention…a Convo with “Dated to Death”

Dated to Death: “It seems your blogs are becoming quite redundant about what we live everyday.”

After the “interview/intervention” was done, he gave me permission to create a blog about this. He asked that I call him “Dated to Death.” So let me introduce you to “Dated to Death.”

I met him as my very first Tinder date almost a year ago. He was older, early 40s but extremely handsome. He has amazing eyes and a killer smile. I was very optimistic! We had several really great dates, but it was obvious we had a major difference. I was dating to find a lasting relationship and he was dating…to date. Right after 4th of July we stopped seeing each other.  We ran into each other out a few months ago and we decided a friendship was needed. We forgot we were super fun together. Also, I missed his honesty which is exactly what I got a few weeks ago. (and the hugs, kisses on the cheek and cuddles.)

Sally: “Yep, I’m in a rut!”

Dated to Death: “You need something a little more…dirty. Just not the average everyday.”

Sally: “Are we talking about the blog or something else?”

D2D: “I want to read about what it’s like on the other side, really! You need to expand your limits.”

***MAJOR editing to avoid explicit texting content!***

(and then the honesty)

D2D: “You come across as needing a husband. You should project a hussy heir. No man wants a needy woman.”

Sally: “I gotta work on that. I’m really more interested in decency. I need something new for sure.”

D2D: “Men want confident, but sexy.”

Sally: “I’ll work on that.”

D2D: “I know I could be with you right now, but that doesn’t fix your problem.”

Sally: “I appreciate that, but you are so right.”

D2D: “Thus why I haven’t. You need to be comfortable being you. But you don’t need me.”

Sally: “I know what you are saying though. What about you? You can’t be alone forever.”

D2D: (avoiding my question) You need to be comfortable being you, before you can get a man. Men want a come up, not an anchor.”

Sally: “Explain?”

D2D: “A single woman, home with two kids is a big turn off. You have to make that a plus. I know it sounds cruel, but its the truth. You have to look bullet proof.”

Sally: “Honest vs cruel. I’ll take honest.”

D2D: “I love you and  your kids, but it’s society that makes the rules.”

Sally: “I hate the damn rules.”

D2D: “Let’s face it. You have things men don’t want. You need a man your age with kids.”

Sally: “Can I be honest, I know why women stay with shitty husbands…this sucks just as bad! I question my decision to leave in moments like this.”

D2D: “Honest: I thought you were too controlling. You spoke to me as a counselor. You are a great person, but you need to lighten up a bit. Men want to be in control. That’s what we do. So don’t be hating on men that have an agenda. Men our age know what we can deal with. We want one thing &^%$@…the same as you  &!%$. It’s a cycle! Play the game!

Sally: “Is this a big brother pep talk?”

D2D: “Kind of.”

Wow!!! In one conversation I was enlightened by Dated to Death. Honestly, it reminded me why I had feelings for him in the first place and then why it’s best that we remain friends.

Dated to Death First Date Rules:

1. Let him lead.

2. Make him feel like he has to pull info from you. It will make him feel accomplished.

3. Don’t over text him. Be unavailable.

4. Patience is a virtue.

5. Men like to be teased, not given an all you can eat buffet…one course at at time.

Sally: “Thanks love doctor.”

D2D: “You wanted good things to talk about on the blog. Think about how many single women you could help with this advice.

Sally: “Millions, we are helping millions of women.”

I’ll leave you with a bit of fun!

“And your next category…SEX” -Pitch Perfect



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