To Boldly Go…Younger


In a matter of minutes….I will embark on a new adventure.

It was sweet and surprising to be tapped on the shoulder and turn to see what I saw. Very handsome, tall, identical glasses. The chatting was so easy. “Oh, you’ve got kids?” (He seems shocked, surprised…well played). See I already knew, obviously he didn’t and but then…”how many…two…you have two kids? How old?” (Pause…his eyes change) “How old are you?” His friend starts to shake his head.

I assumed he would say nice talking to you…but he didn’t. We sat there and talked for 20/30 minutes. His friends were ready to leave but he could have cared less. Finally one of them puts in front of me a piece of paper and a pen. “We need to go, just write down your number.” When I got home…he texted. That was two weeks ago and we are still having that conversation at the bar.

Here’s the deal, and I’ll be brief because we are meeting in an hour. I have asked many of you for opinions and I came to the conclusion that I’ve dated older than me and I’ve dated my age and it hasn’t worked out yet. Without getting cliche about thinking outside of the box I’ll go with a quote. “Any great and inspiring leader or organization that ever existed set out to do something completely unrealistic.”-Simon Sinek. I am going to once again try something new and very, very very unrealistic. I think it’s important for you to know that yes I thought about this. I sought out the advice of even the best advisors on the subject…men! My brother “Tony” and “Squirrel’ had the exact same responses. However, his optimism of actually being excited that he liked me won him a date. That’s right! I hadn’t realized until this moment that the men I have been dating have been treating me as an inconvenience! No one wants to be in a relationship anymore. I believe some of us think we have aged out of the process. But I don’t think that. I still believe that all this will amount to the love of my life and not the love of the moment. All of this dating and kissing frogs will pay off!

And may I just say…he has exceptional taste in music!