I Could Skate Away On

I don’t write about my kids often. Mostly because, they are a delight and a joy to behold. However, they have been busy and gone a bit lately and I am heading into another weekend that they will be away. I miss the life they bring to my time at home. I miss the disasters, and drama that comes with raising girls and sisters. The snuggles and the eye rolls…all of it.

I truly, honestly believe that the weather is trying to ruin my life. We have had solid snow and ice for five days now and as the weekend approaches, it is beginning to snow again. With this weather and my non 4-Wheel drive vehicle, I am stranded at home. If the weather does not clear soon to allow for me to socialize, I may have a nervous breakdown. I already have bloodshot eyes and a nervous rash is developing. To be honest, and not making light of the disease, I have the exact opposite of social anxiety disorder. My friend, “The Attorney” called it Extrovert Neurotic Disorder. He made it up…I already googled it. Treatment is as follows: friends, exercise with adult fitness classmates, children being home, freedom to drive myself. My sanity is based on my ability to interact with others…and sling the hell out of a kettle bell! If I do not get to my dinner planned with my sorority sisters tomorrow night a few things will take place in the next 72 hours.

1. I will be able to quote every episode of the Golden Girls and Will and Grace.
2. I will be an expert at my row machine and kettle bell swings.
3. I will work a jigsaw puzzle.
4. I will dive deep into an after 9 pm alcohol induced coma…again!

As I dread the evening to come…a song came on my play list that I thought was gosh darn perfect for my feelings.

Prayer and warmer temperatures would be greatly appreciated!


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