Single and Sick…

It dawned on me today that it sucks to be single and sick! I definitely don’t want someone to sit by my side all day. I usually can take care of myself, but a few times you just need that someone to bring home those comfort items a sickly girl needs for a fast and loving recovery.

I did have a few white knights brave the illness and help a girl out: I was visited by “Cleats” to mix me up a hot totty! He didn’t agree that the Jäger left by my brother from another mother “AMM” was what I needed. To understand AMM, Jäger is very precious to him. I was surprised he left some, and let me have some. Thanks for the Jack Daniels Honey, “Cleats”-sent me right to sleep. Also, the first man in my life, my Daddy brought me a new jar of Vicks so I smell really good now! Always special to have a mid day visit from the first man in a girl’s life. I don’t know what I would do without him or the Vicks!

Top 3 items that would make me feel better:

1.Chinese Soup: Why is it better than the can of chicken noodle, always? Eastern medicine is always a mystery…the secret of the soup.
2. Sonic Cherry Limeaide-The ice along with the sweetness would surely send me into a hydrated bliss, right?
3. Pose Pads…I am coughing my head off, if you have to ask…you don’t understand the struggle.

However, my two angels, the Barry Girls brought their smiles home and their team player attitudes! This Momma is so thrilled and proud they can come together when I am down. I am blessed by these angels.

Major points for the next white night who shows up with something from this list! It is Mucinex and Totty time. Goodnight all!

PS-Forgive the typos, I have a fever.